If it seems to be easy, it might be too dangerous for you!

Have you been offered a job in the EU regardless of a lack of job experience or knowledge and perhaps just because you are cute? If yes, be careful and investigate properly! Jobs like dancer, model, cleaner, shop assistant, nanny and such can be a trap and you may be in jeopardy to become a victim of sex trafficking or prostitution.

Before you accept any job offer, you need to investigate thoroughly. Does this company in the EU really exist? Who is offering you this job and why? Who is paying for your travel? If you are to borrow money to get there, how are you expected to pay them back? Do you have anyone you trust to watch out for you there and meet the person offering you a “new future” in the EU? Does something just “feel off” about the job offer?

We encourage you to send an email to an NGO in your country listed on our site to assist you. You can also send a request for help to us at info@trafficking.eu.

Be aware. Be vigilant. Investigate properly before ever accepting any job offer in a new country, especially jobs that seem too good to be true."

Please stay safe and take care of yourself!