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Trafficking in 60 seconds


Women and girls are tempted by the false promises of a better life. They are lured by job ads, an aunt abroad, or, in desperation, set off on their own to find a new and better life. The film below uses the typical wordings from these “tempting ads” - in approximately 60 second you will see what is hidden behind the grand words, trafficking.

Many women face serious economic trouble in their homeland. They might have to take care of their children, vulnerable siblings or fragile parents. At the same time many struggle with loneliness, substance abuse, a troubled childhood, incest and serious mental illness.


the people of trafficking

Below you meet the people working within the trafficking industry. The very strong monologues are based on real life experiencies of the many victims of trafficking.    The movies are produced by Jacob Salling from UITCH ISCRATCH Denmark.

The pimp

Peter Gantzler, Actor

the unaware citizen

Laura Drasbech, Actress

the trafficker

Robert Hansen, Actor

the prostitute 1

Neel Rønholt

the prostitute 2

Claire Ross Brown, Actress

the customer

Jesper Lohmann, Actor

the madam

Julie R Ølgaard, Actress

the voiceless women


To dramatise the problem we show true male internet based reviews of actual sex workers, told through the voices of women and girls. By infiltrating online forums where men openly write and discuss their experiences with prostitutes, we get a glimpse of the uncensored violence and way of thinking that dominates these environments and the conditions that the sex workers have to endure.

Girls going wild in red light district


So you think you will dance? Sometimes things are not what they seem. Men, women and children are trafficked - tricked, forced and exploited in the sex industry. This film was an awareness campaign created by Duval Guillaume Modem and produced by monodot in support of STOP THE TRAFFIK. Music: a-shja by Raveyards vs. DJ Uinkxxx


"FRESH MEAT - take away"
a significant event in 2012


Eight young famous Danish actresses put themselves on display as trafficked women in a shop window on the biggest shopping street, Strøget, in Copenhagen. NEWLIVES collaborated with Reden International (The Nest International), Center Mod Menneskehandel (The Danish Center Against Human Trafficking) and the clothing chain Deres on putting focus on human trafficking a Saturday afternoon in the middle of Strøget in Copenhagen.


flash mob in copenhagen


Flash mob in Copenhagen Denmark in May 2014. 120 gospel singers joined in that day

Banner text and text in the end:

29.8 million people are living as slaves right now

- Bought and sold as goods

What is your life worth? 





If you want to do a little, but significant, difference for someone, who is having a hard time, it is possible here.


You can make a difference by helping us spread the message that human trafficking exists and that all over the world you can find women forced into prostitution. Help spread the message at places, where a lot of people come. It can be cafes, bars, night clubs, the canteen at your work place, schools or universities.


Please remember that it is illegal to hang up posters at public places without permission - so ask first.


The posters are available in PDF format and ready to download and print.



We have asked famous people all over the world about their stances and opinions on these three questions:


  1. Which three words would you use to describe human trafficking?

  2. How do you think we can stop human trafficking?

  3. What do you consider to be the biggest challenges about human trafficking?


Read their responses and be inspired...

Julie R. Ølgaard

Julie R. Ølgaard

Nikolaj Kopernikus

Nikolaj Kopernikus



Laura Bach

Laura Bach

Lubomira Velcheva

Lubomira Velcheva

Claire Ross-Brown

Claire Ross-Brown

Anatoli Dzhokov

Anatoli Dzhokov

David Andersen

David Andersen


Literature and movies on the subject 

A lot of literature and movies regarding trafficking and prostitution exist on the market. As always you will find different quality and validity of the content in the many books written about the subject. If you look carefully though, there will be a lot of relevant and valid knowledge in many books - e.g. in the 20 book titles shown below. Some of the 5 movies mentioned below are actually quite realistic and often based on facts collected from the real world. To make this site we have used a lot of information from the many books mentioned below. We can recommend you to read some of the following titles on prostitution and trafficking:





Slavery Inc.: The untold story of international sex trafficking, Lydia Cacho, Portobello Books, 2012


Pornography: Driving the demand in international sex trafficking, David E. Quinn & others, Captive Daughters Media, 2007


Selling Olga: Stories of human trafficking & resistance, Louisa Waugh, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2006


The Natashas: Inside the new global sex trade, Victor Malarek, Arcade Publishing, 2003


Sex traffic: Prostitution, crime & exploitation, Paola Monzini, Zed Books Ltd., 2005


Sex trafficking: The global market in women & children, Kathryn Farr, Worth Publishers, 2004


Sex trafficking: Inside the business of modern slavery, Siddharth Kara, Columbia University Press, 2009


Trafficking and prostitution reconsidered, new perspectives on migration, sex work & human rights, Kamala Kempadoo, Paradigm Publishers, 2005


Rethinking trafficking in women: Politics out of security, Claudia Aradau, Palgrave Macmillian, 2008


Prostitution & sex trafficking: Opposing viewpoints, Loise Gerdes, Book editor, Greenhaven Press, 2006


Hookers, Candid confessions of real call girls, Julian Davies, Milo Books, 2008


Dirty work, Julia Bell, Walker & Co., 2007


Sex for sale: Prostitution, pornography and the sex industry, Ronald Weitzer,Routledge, 2000


Woman, child for sale: The new slave trade in the 21st. century, Gilbert King, Chamberlain Bros., 2004


Prostitution and pornography: Philosophical debate about the sex industry, Jessica Spector, Standford University Press, 2006


The idea of prostitution, Sheila Jeffreys, Spiniflex Press Pty Ltd.1997


Sex work now, Rosie Campbell & others, Willan Publishing, 2006


Sex work: A risky business, Teela Sanders, Willan Publishing, 2005


Vanilla slim, an improbable pimp in the empire of lust, Bob Armstrong, Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2006


Working sex: Sex workers write about a changing industry, Annie Oakley, Seal Press, 2007


The X factor: Inside the American Hardcore film industry, Anthony Petkovich, Head Press, 1997


Legal responses to trafficking in women for sexual exploitation in the European Union, Heli Askola, Hart Publishing, 2007


Soiled doves: Prostitution in the early west, Anne Seagraves, Wesanne Publications, 1994






The whistleblower: Sex trafficking; one woman's fight for justice, featuring Rachel Weisz, Monica Belluchi and Vanessa Redgrave, 2010


Lilja 4-ever: The dream about a better life can become a nightmare, featuring Oksana Akinsjina, 105 min., 2002


Sex Traffic, featuring Wendy Crewson, Anna-maria Marinka and John Simm, 178 min., 2006


Human trafficking: Every day young girls are bought and sold, featuring Mira Sorvino, Donald Sutherland and Robert Carlyle, 170 min., 2005


Matrioshki: They said we only had to dance, (3 discs) 450 min, 2006


Trade: When human trafficking hits home, featuring Kevin Kline, 120 min., 2008


Slave - Love hurts, featuring Sam Page, Natassia Malthe and David Gant, Darryn Welch, 2009


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